Expert Level Evaluation

Who this is for:​

The Expert Evaluation can be requested by either parents or school districts in situations in which there are serious questions or concerns about a school-aged child's programming and placement. Many times this evaluation happens when the parties are approaching or already in due process. 

How does it work:

The student and clinician will have 5-6 hours of direct testing time in our office. Also, the clinician will conduct a forensic level record review of all available, relevant records. A school observation will also be considered if appropriate.

What you walk away with:

The clinician will write a comprehensive report detailing a full history as well as direct testing results and findings and clinical conclusions.  This report will include expert opinion on the provision of appropriate programming and placement for the child.  All opinions are always supported by the data from the evaluation, the history, and also extensive knowledge of the body of research that is relevant to the issues being examined. Lastly, a report wrap up meeting will be conducted to answer any questions and ensure all parties have a full understanding of the findings and recommendations. 

How much it costs: