Get Ready!


Get Ready! How to Study for and Take Exams

In this three week class, your student will work with our Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in Executive Function and child development. They will work together and develop meaningful strategies for preparing for and taking exams. Finals are coming up and if you have a student who could use help preparing for these tests, this is the class for you. Class size is limited to 8, so register today to reserve your spot!


Class dates: 5/15/19, 5/22/19, 5/29/15 @ 6:00pm


The three week, 1.5 hr long sessions will cover the following topics and offer strong tools, strategies, and resources to help your student with test taking:

Session 1

-Using your notes, teacher website, and textbook to study. How to get the most out of them!

Session 2

Slay on the day!

Best strategies for handling the following question types....

-Answering True/False, Multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank

-Essay questions

Session 3

-What to do with a study guide

-Active vs. Passive study methods

Total Cost: $475