Sight Words Done Right

Cute Girl in Classroom

Some children see a word one time and learn it permanently.


Some children can try to read the same word over and over but it never seems to stick.


The usual approach to this problem is to show the child the word more times with endless flashcard drills, even though repetition alone doesn’t seem to help make those words stick.


Scientific research about how brains learn to recognize printed words tells us there’s a better way. A stickier way.


Our Sight Words Done Right instructional group uses an evidence-based technique called Orthographic Mapping. Instead of showing a word card and saying the word, hoping that the child memorizes the connection, the teacher flips the entire process around. The instruction begins with and focuses on the sounds in the spoken word, then systematically forms connections between the sounds in the spoken word and the letters in the written word. The child learns to use the sounds in the spoken word as hooks, then they can mentally hang the letters of the written words on those hooks in a way that finally sticks. This speech-to-print methodology is highly effective even when the printed words have challenging or “irregular” spellings.


Sight Words Done Right has two goals. First, we aim for the students to acquire a new group of words that they will instantly recognize in print, and also spell with accuracy and ease. More importantly, however, the instruction is designed to help students acquire an efficient way of understanding and learning written words that will help accelerate reading and writing fluency. Words will stick, so your child’s literacy can soar.

Mondays at 6:30pm