Expert Level Evaluation

Foundational Evaluation


Who this is for:​

This tier of evaluation can be a great start when questions are being asked for the first time about a child’s language or learning. It is also appropriate for situations in which a student has undergone recent testing at school or with an allied professional but needs limited, specific examination of a particular issue within language or learning. Parents or school districts can request Speech-Language and/or Educational Evaluations at the Foundational level. 

What to expect:

The student and clinician will have approximately 3 hours of direct testing time in our office. Also, the clinician review the current IEP (if applicable) and any recent, relevant evaluations. The clinician may decide to administer parent and/or teacher rating scales to assist in collecting data.

What you walk away with:

The clinician will write a detailed report which outlines all findings and practical recommendations for appropriate programming, services, and procedural steps moving forward. In addition, there will be a report wrap up call to ensure a full understanding of the findings and address any questions.

How much it costs: